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Tips for creating an effective web site
Presented by the Artsho Corp.

1. Assure that your pages load quickly: 
Web pages packed with too many items also 
cause the most discontinued downloads and 
visitor confusion. Neither is desirable.

2. Have a simplified site presentation: 
On a web page, fewer links are best, as 
is one topic - where possible. Clutter 
and distractions are obstructions.

3. Minimize digital image file sizes: 
Image downloads are more efficient when 
kept to 72 pixels per inch and resized 
to the same size programmed for display.

4. Do not require downloading software: 
Many site visitors prefer to skip a web 
page which hints at possibly corrupting 
their PC. Why invite them to leave?

5. Keep the message short: 
Too much detail causes visitors to turn 

6. Present your pricing: 
Sites which do not publish pricing 
lead to frustration and distrust.

7. Check your site for broken links: 
These are like flat tires on your web 
vehicle. Why disqualify your site by 
neglecting to correct potential 
visitor road blocks.

8. Have your site checked by outsiders: 
The cook tends to tout their own cooking. 
Do your guests? 

9. Advertise it: 
As of July 20th, 2016, there are ~ 
154,022,318 active (.com,.net & .org) 
domain names vying for visitors.  

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